Demolition, Dismantling, Blasting, Oxygen Cutting and Drilling


Setilgest – Serviços Técnicos de Gestão e Engenharia, SA, is a company with more than 25 years of experience, operating in the field of heavy industry, refractory lining and external insulation.

Our main products include heaters, reformers ans static precipitators for refineries and petrochemical plants, cogeneration units and metallurgic plants; we work according to an integrated process and with a complete service structure, which comprises the equipment’s design, production and installation, including their inspection and periodic maintenance.

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In Europe as well as worldwide The Pirson Group is a major player in the heavy construction industry, both for complete new and renovation projects. The group consists of a number of independent business units in various countries spread across the globe. The business units are the link in a solid multifunctional chain providing the Pirson Group with its own unique identity.